vendredi 12 novembre 2010

Sergey Lebedev refutes disinformation of Azerbaijani media


CIS Executive Secretary Sergey Lebedev refuted the Azerbaijani media reports where he allegedly stated that liberation of the so-called “occupied territories” and “creation of a corridor between Azerbaijan and Nakhijevan, Karabakh and Armenia is discussed.”

Lebedev's letter addressed to the Armenian Foreign Minister reads in part: “The CIS Executive Committee does not participate in negotiations on the Karabakh conflict settlement, therefore, I am unaware of and cannot speak about the their essence. Thereby, I would like to officially inform you that the media reports according to which “we discuss liberation of occupied territories, creation of a corridor between Azerbaijan and Nakhijevan, Karabakh and Armenia” are not true. Taking the opportunity, I would like to once again assure you of my sincere and constructive attitude towards close cooperation with the Armenian leadership for the benefit of further strengthening of the Commonwealth of Independent States.”



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