The European Movement of Artsakh amazed at EU position

The European Movement of Artsakh has expressed its amazement today over the EU reaction to the parliamentary elections held in Nagorno Karabakh.

“Speaking about the objectives of the European Union during different lectures and meetings we organize, we specially emphasize that it supports establishment and reinforcement of democracy, and development of democratic institutions. However, after the statement of EU High-Commissioner for Foreign Relations Catherine Ashton on the parliamentary elections in Artsakh it will be hard to convince the NKR society that the European Union supports democratic processes," reads the statement issued by the European Movement.

The Movement cannot understand the EU position of non-recognition of the NKR people's right to choice because of Artsakh being non-recognized.

“We would like to remind that state rights and obligations emerge from the moment of proclamation of a state, not its recognition. From the very beginning of proclamation of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, its people has chosen the path of democratic development and has already established its structures, and the people of Artsakh is struggling for their improvement. Unfortunately these efforts do not find support with the European Union, moreover with their statements they attempt to exert pressure on the development of democracy. One day the EU might refuse to recognize the right of Artakh people to live. It being done indirectly, since all Azerbaijani threats of war are ignored by the European Union. The European Movemnet of Artsakh believes that the statement of the EU High-Representative was made under Azerbaijani pressure and was worked out by non-professionals. We do hope that together with the formation of the EU's diplomatic service professionals will deal with EU's foreign policy and it will be possible to avoid unusual steps that harm the image of the EU, like the

Public Radio of Armenia