The European Union and, the Armenian-Turkish and the Armenian-Azerbaijani process.


“The Resolution adopted by the European Parliament will not have a serious impact on the process of settlement of the Karabakh issue, but will negatively affect the political background of the negotiations,” Secretary of the Heritage faction Larisa Alaverdyan told a press conference today.

The Heritage continues insisting on the initiative of starting the process of recognition of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. “Armenia should at least start the process. If the authorities do not want to start the process, they must at least refrain from preventing the discussion of the issue,” Larisa Alaverdyan said.

As for the Armenian-Turkish process, the Heritage reminds that the protocols remain in the basis of normalization of relations. Moreover, they remain on the larger agenda of the parliament. “That is to say that the authorities have not taken any steps towards improvement of the protocols or starting relations from a new page,” she noted.

According to Larisa Alaverdyan, the continuation of the Armenian-Turkish process depends on Turley's ambitions. The greater Turkey's wish to assume a dominating role in the region, the more pressures will grow.


“It's no tragedy,” Vice-President of the Republican Party of Armenia Razmik Zohrabyan said, speaking about Resolution 2216 adopted by the European Parliament. “They can adopt as many resolutions as they want. Our objective is to reach the self-determination of Nagorno Karabakh,” he added.

Speaking about former OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair Matthew Bryza's nomination as next US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Razmik Zohrabyan said “it does not mean that the United States has a pro-Azerbaijani position on the Karabakh issue.”

“Bryza could have been nominated as US Ambassador to Armenia, and there would be no difference for Americans,” he added.


Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said that his visit to Brussels is important for him, as it is the first one after the enactment of Lisbon Treaty, which is of keen significance for the European Union and world.

After his meeting with European UnionPresident Herman Van Rompuy, Mr. Sargsyan said that Armenia- EU relations are at the stage of dynamic development.

As a PanARMENIAN.Net correspondent reported from Brussels, the Armenian President told Mr. Van Rompuy that he is pleased with the EU's support to the Armenian-Turkish normalization.

“Armenia would be glad, if Turkey manages to comply with the EU standards, as in such case we will deal with another, more predictable and stable country. We agreed that there should not be demarcation lines and closed borders in Europe. We also referred to the Karabakh conflict, noting that it, like other conflicts, can be solved only peacefully, without application of force or threat of its use. Some provisions of the European Parliament's Resolution on the South Caucasus are strange for us. A member of the parliament, who has never been to Karabakh and has not consulted with experts, calls to take some step, without taking into consideration the negotiations details and current situation. I don't think this is a right way. The Karabakh war was imposed on us and the current situation is a result of failed attempt to annihilate the Karabakh people,” Mr. Sargsyan said.


Excerpts PanArmenian and Public Radio of Armenia.