Sardarapat victory - a page of utmost significance and value in Armenia's history

The battle of Sardarapat has given several lessons to Armenia, and today it provides an opportunity to draw certain conclusions. But what would happen had Armenia lost the Sardarapat battle?

“If Armenians were defeated in Sardarapat battle, they would lose Yerevan as Turkish invaders had already reached the city. Had Yerevan been invaded, Eastern Armenia would have the same fate as Western Armenia,” historian Edik Minasyan told at news conference today.

“The pan-Turkic policy is being implemented even today, Turkey has never refused from its plans. Invasion of Eastern Armenia would mean annihilation of the Armenian people,” Minasyan said.

According to the historian, history has proved that Armenia seldom manages to reinforce military victories with. Minasyan says this should be a lesson for Armenians, who need to reinforce the results of the Artsakh war.

“Armenia has always believed in the promises of the superpowers and has been constantly making mistakes in diplomacy. Similarly, when Armenia had planned to return Kars and Alexandtrapol, the advancement of the Armenian troops was prevented by the English side,” Edik Minasyan said.

Historian Edward Zohrabian, said, in turn, that “the Heroic Battle of Sardarapat is a page of utmost significance and value in our history.”

“We did manage to survive and establish the platform of our statehood thanks to that victory,” Zohrabian said.

Public Radio of Armenia