"Armenia is more independent than the neighbors " (G. Harutyunyan)

"Dmitry Medvedev's official visit to Armenia and the prolongation of Russian military base presence in Armenia increase our security and do not hinder our national independence," President of the “Noravank” Foundation Gagik Harutyunyan told a press conference today.

"In 1992-1993, after the liberation of Lachin and Shushi, Turkish army moved to Nakhijevan boundary lengthwise. The Prime Minister Tansu Chiller threatened to attack Armenia. Marshal Shaposhnikov's announcement about the possibility of beginning the Third World War suppressed the Turks," he reminded.

He finds that Turkey is now more independent than in the past, hence, more aggressive.

"I think the new contract, which supposes not only defending Russian interests through the base, but also provision of Armenia's security comes from Armenia's national interests," Gagik Harutyunyan said.

"US has about 600 military bases in the world, 365 of which in Europe. However, neither of these countries is concerned about losing independence. As to Armenia, by the results of the international famous newspaper "Foreign Policy" our independence is more than Georgia's, Azerbaijan's, Turkey's and Iran's independence," the political scientist noted.

Public Radio of Armenia