Sergei Lavrov interview by the Public Television of Armenia.

Speaking about the Armenian-Russian relations we cannot only say that they are on a high level, but it is strategic partnership, it is an alliance, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with the Public Television of Armenia.

“We are allies in the CSTO, all this being based on centuries-old history of our co-existence, friendship and mutual assistance. We keep all the traditions sacred, consolidating them. I think we can say with confidence that our relations are developing in all the fields. In my opinion the state visit of the Russian President will not only reconfirm that level but will be filled with new arrangements that will deepen our strategic partnership, allied relations,” Lavrov said.

Speaking about the Nagorno Karabakh settlement Lavrov said during the past 1,5-2 years President of Russia paid special attention to finding ways for the solution of the issue. He had six meetings with the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan. “I personally partook at the meetings which were frank and open. In each case the ideas connected with the issue were discussed and agreed with the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs. So was at the recent meeting in St. Petersburg. I want to stress that any document adopted in this or that way fixes the necessity of exclusively peaceful settlement of the conflict, the approach shared by the Russian side, co-chairs and the OSCE. The provision is fixed also in the Maindorf Declaration signed between Armenian, Azerbaijani and Russian presidents one and a half year ago.”

As to the question about selling C-300 anti-aircraft systems to Azerbaijan Lavrov said C-300 anti-aircraft systems become “a symbol of alarm.” “Now talks are circulating around Azerbaijan, earlier there were such talks over Iran. But let us not forget what C-300 really is: they are defensive weapons designed to defend from external missile attacks. That's all. As to Russia, it supplies any weaponry in accordance wit the norms of the international law,” Lavrov said, adding that Russia will never supply weapons to any region if it destabilizes the situation there.

“I would not see any arguments that the situation may destabilize. Defensive weapons do not destabilize the situation with the only exception: if anyone wants to use force, defensive weapons may create problems for them. I am sure that none of the states in the region plans to launch new military actions, as it would be a disaster. The aggressor will not achieve his aims – we were convinced of that in August 2008, when your neighbor, Mr. Saakashvili tried to settle the South Ossetian problem using methods unacceptable from the point of view of international law. I am sure that Armenia and Azerbaijan will not make such attempts. I participated in President Medvedev's meetings with Presidents Sargsyan and Aliev. All the three Presidents put their signatures to the documents that prohibit the use of force and underline the commitment to peaceful settlement of any problems in the context of the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process,” Lavrov said.