Alexander Markarov: Results of Minsk Group activity obvious


It's easy to criticize the Minsk Group Co-Chairs, saying that their 10-year activity has not produced any positive results, Director of the Armenian branch of the Institute of CIS countries Alexander Markarov told reporters today, adding that “the result of their work is obvious.”

The format of talks is distinct, there is international involvement, the parties have the wish and aspiration to maintain the format at least in the short-term perspective. According to Markarov, these are the positive results of the Minsk Group's mediating efforts.

It's necessary to move forward step by step, Markarov said, adding that it's necessary to work out some minimalist document that would incorporate the points, on which the parties have reached an agreement.

Will Azerbaijan agree to the document? “The fact is Azerbaijan still remains in the negotiation process,” Markarov said, adding that in case any such document is signed, it will demonstrate the willingness of the parties to participate in the talks and achieve concrete results through negotiations.


Karen Ghazaryan - Public radio of Armenia