Arman Kirakosyan: right of people to self-determination cannot be subordinated to other norms of international law

Armenian authorities have repeatedly stated that the Nagorno Karabakh conflict differs from other conflicts, Armenian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Arman Kirakosyan said in an interview with “Azg”, answering to the question whether the experience of the Southern Sudan will be applicable in case of Nagorno Karabakh. He added that the Nagorno Karabakh people have already made their choice and have stated their independence in 1991.

“It is noteworthy that Sudan's authorities stated from the very beginning that they will accept every result of the referendum and will exert efforts in the direction of its implementation. The example of the Southern Sudan states once more that the self-determination right of peoples cannot be subordinated to other norms of the international law. This is accepted by Sudan leadership, international community and must be accepted by Azerbaijan,” the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister said.