Artak Shakaryan: The information of Sabah is an intentional leakage


The Turkish Sabah daily wrote recently that the country was specially preparing for April 24, and a delegate would be sent to Armenia to respect the Armenian Genocide victims.

According to expert of Turkish studies Artak Shakaryan, the information disseminated by Sabah is an intentional leakage, since it is close to state circles and its information usually corresponds to reality.

“The information pursues two objectives: it checks the reaction of the Turkish society and sends a message to Armenia,” Artak Shakaryan said.

According to Artak Shakaryan, even if the information is true, it does not mean change in Turkey's policy on Armenian Genocide issue, although it could be a step leading to the recognition of the Genocide by Turkey. However, this scenario is not that realistic, he added.

“Most probably, Turkey is thus trying to present itself to the world as a civilized country and prevent Obama from uttering the word genocide,” Artak Shakaryan said, adding, however, that this could well be used to accelerate the process of recognition of the Armenian Genocide.


Karen Ghazaryan - Public Radio of Armenia