Azerbaijan preparing ground for further provocations


According to the information of the Ministry of Defense of Nagorno Karabakh, the Azerbaijani armed forces violated the ceasefire regime a number of times on February 20.

The information on a number of killed and wounded could be the result of suicides in the Azerbaijani army. Besides, part of the losses could be a result of subversive acts, Spokesman for the Minister of Defense David Karapetyan said.

“Taking into consideration that the Azerbaijani side has turned the propaganda into everyday activity, Azerbaijan is probably preparing ground for further provocations with such statements. The Armenian armed forces remain committed to maintaining the ceasefire regime,” the Spokesman said.


Azerbaijan's attempts to assert itself through falsification of history do not stop amazing everyone with the flight of fancy. The author of the recurrent so-called scientific work is Ramiz Mekhtiev, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. He is simultaneously the head of staff of Ilham Aliyev's administration, which is another evidence of the fact that history is being falsified in Azerbaijan on the state level. In the 29-page work the author once again tries to convince the readers that Armenians are incomers in the region.

Is it worth reacting to such facts of falsification of history? Head of the Armenian History Chair of the Yerevan State University Babken Harutyunyan says it's necessary.

”What sees the Western citizen unfamiliar with Armenian history? On one hand there are continuous accusations, on the other hand, there is no reaction. Incorrect conclusions are inevitable in this case,” the historian told reporters.

In December 2010 Babken Harutyunyan's article was published in “Vem” magazine as a response to the “scientific findings” of Azerbaijan. Hopefully, the clarifications of the Armenian historian will become a useful guide for Azerbaijanis.

The Russian and English translations of the article will also be published soon.


Public Radio of Armenia