The important is the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the US

The Armenian Genocide-related statement by Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag was deleted from the website of Swedish government.

On Holocaust commemoration day the Swedish Minister had recalled the Armenian Genocide, quoting Adolph Hitler as saying “Who remembers Armenians?”

The Minister's speech caused diplomatic tension with Ankara, and Sweden rushed to soothe Turkey by saying that the Swedish Government carries no responsibility for the Minister's statement.

Touching upon the incident, expert of Turkish studies Hakob Chakryan noted that the phenomenon is an ugly one, but not that important, since Sweden has already recognized the Armenian Genocide.

“What's important for us is the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the United States, since it will cause a chain reaction in the process,” he said.

Although the process of recognition of the Armenian Genocide has gained new strength ever since 2000, Hakob Chakryan sees certain shortcomings here. “There is no coordinated work between Armenia and the Diaspora. Even the Diaspora organizations are not united on the issue,” he said.

Asked whether the establishment of bicameral parliament could contribute to the process of Genocide recognition, Hakob Chakryan said: “It might play a positive role with regard to the coordination of activity, but I cannot imagine how this upper chamber is going to be formed.”

Alisa Gevorgyan - Public Radio of Armenia