EU Advisory Group contributes to Armenian reform agenda

The EU Advisory Group to the Republic of Armenia presented a progress report to its Advisory Board on 11 June 2010. After the first year of activities, the EU Advisory Group's contribution to the Armenian reform agenda was positively assessed by the Advisory Board, chaired by Artur Baghdasaryan, Secretary of the National Security Council.
The EU Advisory Group has provided quality and tailor-made policy advice based on European Union best practices and helped the Armenian government to go forward with its reforms.

Over the past year, the EU Advisory Group has provided recommendations in various political, social, and economic fields. Preparations for upcoming negotiations on a Deep and Comprehensive Trade Agreement (DCFTA) between Armenia and the European Union were supported, as well as the establishment of the new Diplomatic School. Other activities of the high-level group of European experts included contributions to and advice on improving the administrative capacity of Armenia's public administration, enhancing transparency and accountability of political activities, promoting parliamentary democracy and modernising procedures of the National Assembly.

The Advisory Board appraised the activities of the EU Advisory Group. Raul de Luzenberger, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, said: “This innovative EU project will continue its assistance to the Armenian government in order to help implement vital reforms in Armenia. Achieving the ambitious and comprehensive reform programme will require further commitments as well as joint and coordinated efforts by Armenia and the European Union.”

The meeting of the Advisory Board was co-chaired by Artur Baghdasaryan, Secretary of the National Security Council, and Raul de Luzenberger, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia. It was attended by high-ranking officials from the President's Office, the Government, and the National Assembly. Embassies of EU Member States and international organisations were also represented, including UNDP. The EU Advisory Group was represented by Team Leader Rolf Boehnke and EU advisers.

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