Shavarsh Kocharyan: Problems with Georgia can be solved through negotiations

Certain issues periodically arise between Armenia and Georgia, and this is normal in bilateral relations, Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan says. Therefore, according to him, it's incorrect to conceive Georgia as a non-friendly country. “We cannot always have problems with all neighbors,” he said.

It's been a year since MP Shrak Torosyan was declared persona non grata in Georgia. The Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet managed to solve the issue.

This is not the only problem in the Armenian-Georgian relations. Residents of Armenia's frontier villages have to show corresponding documents to Georgian border guards to enter their own field. This is the case in Lori, Shirak and Tavush. The issue of legal registration of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia has not been solved, either.

Presenting the position of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Armenian-Georgian issues, Savarsh Kocharyan said: “The main idea is as follows: there are problems with Georgia, which can be solved through negotiations.”

Public radio of Armenia