Turkey and Russia fill the vacuum in the region

"By saying territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, the President of Turkey Abdullah Gul understands seven liberated territories," Artak Shakaryan told a press conference today.

According to him, both the strategic cooperation contract signed between Azerbaijan and Turkey and the refreshed contract between Armenia and Russia remind that US is getting out from the region.

"We are in a situation, where the European Union is busy with the economic crisis, Minsk group is not active, US is not going to be engaged in the region, thus, Russia and Turkey try to rearrange their forces," he noted.

"Obama's foreign policy does not satisfy either the opposition or the power. Next year he is going to be prepared for the next elections. In parallel, he must pay attention to the issue of Iran, mainly, for the reason that Russia is going to set in motion Busher's nuclear power station in a month. Turkey has important issues to solve in October. In this month, the enlargement issue of the European Union will take place. Besides, the final decision on Nabuko will be made," he said.

"According to Gul, his visit to Baku is connected with the Nabuko issue: that is, to be sure that Baku- Tbilisi- Erzrum gas pipeline will be full to be connected with Nabuko. Turkey needs Nabuko, as it is a supplementary lever on Europe and Western world," he continued.

"Holy masses in Greek and Armenian Churches organized by Turkey are shows and if Armenians participate in this Holy mass, they will provide show's success. From the other side, not participating means that Armenians are afraid of the game suggested by Turkey. It will be right to go and suggest to organize Holy masses once in a three month and tell that it is our right to do Holy masses and not the Turkey's concession," he concluded.

Public Radio of Armenia