Another manipulation of Turkey


Turkey has excluded Armenia from the list of countries, which pose threat to its security. According to military psychologist David Jamalyan, the superpowers have been recently combining propaganda and diplomacy and often making political decisions for propaganda purposes. What is this? Is this a shift in the position of Turkish authorities or simple propaganda?

“It the question refers to the shift in the position of the authorities, if the Turkish leadership really aspires to normalize relations with Armenia, nothing should prevent the establishment of relations without preconditions. However, I see some intrigue here. If Turkey does not treat us as a rival, then who is the Turkish-Azerbaijani alliance targeted against?

Political scientist Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan considers that Armenia has never been in this list. “This is just an act of propaganda mostly directed against Israel. It's hard to imagine a state that once decides to refuses from its centuries-old conflicts with Iran, the Arab countries, Armenia and a number of Eastern European stated,” he said.

Historian Alik Danielyan says “Turkey is trying to demonstrate false democracy through these PR actions on the way of European integration, but it fails to succeed.”

According to the speakers, the Armenian-Turkish process showed that Turkey is not in tune for dialogue. The secret military agreement with Azerbaijan and the recent conference in Nakhijevan come to prove that Turkey has never intended to change its policy. This is clear to both Armenia and the world.

Public Radio of Armenia